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Claddagh Ring for Survivor

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly five years ago. She has battled long and hard against this disease. She is currently in remission and is coming up on a big anniversary against the disease. I decided that I wanted to do something really special for her to let her know she has my […]

Camping? You Don’t Have To Rough It

My buddies and I work hard and play hard. We all work for the same company and after being in each other’s faces all week we can’t wait to do the same thing all through the weekend. The three of us are closer than brothers and spend a lot of time outdoors. If you had […]

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

I know that I am a bit unusual when it comes to trying out home remedies. I love to do it. When I find myself with a problem, I love to try to fix it the old fashioned way. I don’t know why I think they always knew how to do it better in the […]

My Birthstone (June!)

Over the centuries the birthstone for June has changed so if you have a June birthday, you can really have a couple of choices for what appeals to you the most as your birthstone. In the early 1900s, the June birthstone was pearl for most people, but some people used moonstone as the June birthstone. […]

Grinding Teeth

On a recent family vacation, I forgot my dental guard that I sleep with every night. I grind my teeth in my sleep at night. Not only does it cause painful headaches, it causes my wife to lose sleep because the noise drives her crazy.  My dentist had me switch from the over the counter […]

Ties suitable for Aussie men of different ages

One of the nice things about knowing how to pick ties is that you can actually get ties for any Aussie male in the family – even those who are not yet teenagers yet. However there are some factors to consider before buying any tie for anyone. First, what is the exact age of the […]

An Emerging Trend: The Moccasin

Moccasins are becoming one of the biggest trends and you’ll spot many people wearing a variety of different styles. They’re now even available in slip-on form, which are great for when you’re lazing around the house, not that we do much of that at all, honest. UGG boots are of course the most famous iteration […]

The C-String

The C-string is a variation of the G-string that’s been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s been seen on the catwalk and some Hollywood celebs have been caught wearing this tiny piece of clothing. It’s a curved, ‘C’ shaped piece of plastic, which is held in place by tension. It sounds weird and many wearers […]

What to do with stains on flower girl dresses

You may want to donate the flower girl dresses used for your wedding to someone else for their wedding – but one problem could be that the dresses could have stains that are unsightly and difficult to remove. How do you solve this problem? First, examine the stain closely. What fabrics in the dress have […]

Types Of Party Dresses

If you’re thinking about trying a few party dresses but are not quite sure about which style to go for then read this guide for some helpful tips: A great dress for summer months and hot evenings is a tunic dress. The tunic dress stops somewhere between the ankles and the hips. In other words […]

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Cocktail Dress

Women are often daunted when it comes to picking the right cocktail dress. You can spend hours visiting the dressing room in your local department store, trying on hundreds of dresses in a poor attempt at choosing one that vaguely resembles a style that you saw a celeb wearing on the red carpet. Fear not […]

Onesies For Adults – The Popular Designs

Adult onesies are actually not new. They were popular during the late 1900s, but were not called a onesie. It was called a jumpsuit because at the time onesies were the outfits babies wore. The adult version of this baby outfit has become popular in recent years and is now available in different styles, fabric, […]

Types Of Bow Ties

Bow ties have traditionally been a male accessory which was worn instead of a necktie. The two ties may be interchangeable, but they have always had distinct functions. According to historical information, the bowtie started out as a scarf worn by Croatian mercenaries. Its main purpose at the time was to cover the area left […]

Own Too Many Fascinators?

If you find yourself looking in your wardrobe and thinking that you may just have one too many fascinators, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It usually starts with your first race day or some other formal event, when you first realise you should probably buy a fascinator to go with your dress. This is where […]

Having A Ball?

Throwing a masquerade party seems fairly simple on the surface of things. Organise a venue, then send out the invitations right? Well, not necessarily. It’s really important to set some guidelines for the guests, so that they have some guidance when dressing and choosing a mask for the occasion. Speaking of the masks, there are […]

Giving Your Husband A Mens Ring

Gift time for my hubby is one of the more stressful times of my year, I never really know what special present to buy for him. Unfortunately for me, he doesn’t get into sports and has no major hobbies (unless computer games count!). This year was no different, in the lead up to his birthday […]

Dressing Appropriately For Fine Dining

We’re all used to heading out to a local restaurant and wearing “neat casual”, but what are the rules of etiquette when going to a classier restaurant? Fine dining shouldn’t be something to panic about, but rather an event to look forward to. Wearing a chic evening dress or formal dress is appropriate, although you […]

Weddings: What To Wear

It’s not always easy to figure out what to wear to a wedding, as different weddings have different themes and expectations. For the men though, it’s pretty easy. A suit and tie or bow tie, go easy on the jewellery (mens wedding rings are okay of course), and a fedora hat is fine too if […]

Evening Dresses – Friend Or Foe?

Whenever I shop for evening dresses, I can’t help but get the feeling that someone out there doesn’t like me. I’m sure you know the feeling. You walk into a department store or a local boutique, excited about the idea of finally having a reason to dress up to the nines and look fabulous, only […]

Burlesque Costumes: Sassy or Tawdry?

Burlesque costumes are a killer outfit to keep hidden away in your wardrobe for those “special” occasions, but sometimes there is a fine line between being sexy and being tawdry. Often this comes down to the quality of the burlesque outfit. Because of the rise in popularity of the burlesque costume since the release of […]